Social Media Marketing

With over 4.7 Billion people using Social Media platforms, social media is one of the best digitalmedia platforms to reach your ideal customer. At Priyalaxmi Promotions, we make it easy foryour business to foster connections with your followers and convert them into customers.

  • Engage with your your existing customers
    Creating engaging content and strategically sharing it can help you build a base of loyalcustomers. It requires expertise in not only graphic design but also content writing.
  • Reach out to more potential customers
    Using Social Listening and Monitoring, trending topics, contests and more activities canhelp you attract relevant users to your page. Reaching out to new users and convertingthem to your customers can help you grow your business.
  • Advertise on Social Media Platforms
    Using Social Media Platforms for advertising is one of the most profitable means ofreaching out to new customers or retargeting existing ones.
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Why choose Social Media?

96% of businesses market their products or services on Social Media platforms.However, it requires meticulous planning, understanding of customer behaviour andperception and exceptional execution to build a strong social media presence. AtPriyalaxmi Promotions, we understand your requirements and create intensive socialmedia campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

Our Process

Social Media Audit and Strategy

Assessing the results your existing social media Efforts and creating high-octane improvement strategies to engage with your audience.


Utilizing the power of content creation to make informational, engaging and memorable content to drive sales for your brand.


Amplify your digital media presence by using awareness, consideration and conversion focussed campaigns to increase brand awareness, driving website traffic, and increasing sales.

Social Listening and Monitoring

Gaining customer insights by social listening to effectively engage with your customers, effectively capture new markets and improve upon the quality of your offerings.

and Analysis

Tracking and analysing the impact of social media campaigns on the key metrics of your account.


Leveraging the reach and content creation of influencers on various platforms to enhance your brand’s awareness.

Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

Promoting your brand on Facebook and engaging with your audience through organic and paid campaigns.

YouTube Marketing

As the Social Media is transitioning to video, youtube marketing can help your business benefit from the power of video marketing.

Instagram Marketing

Promoting your brand on Instagram and boosting its presence through organic content and paid campaigns.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the quickest platform when it comes to news, trending topics and tending to customer queries. It can help your business generate leads, helping your existing customers and attracting new audience.

Linkedin Marketing

Linkedin marketing can aid B2B business attract the right talent, get more leads and increase brand awareness.

WhatsApp Marketing

Whatsapp marketing is the perfect channel for your business if you wish to remind your customers of new launches, offers and promotions. It is also a great tool to connect with your customers and respond to their queries and concerns.

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